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Shooting wraps on 'A Most Wanted Man'

Photography ended last week on A Most Wanted Man, closing in time for the Americans to return for thanksgiving, and enjoy a well-earned break before starting on their next projects.

The final shooting days took place in Berlin, but prior to the move, le Carré made a special visit to Hamburg for a turn in front of the camera. Details of the cameo would only spoil the fun, but you’ll need to look out for a beard.

The official production stills are yet to be released, but in recognition of good tradecraft, we direct you to the best galleries of amateur behind-the-scenes photography. The award for best surveillance has to go to the team behind the Rachel McAdams fan-site , who did a sterling job sourcing twitterpics for the duration of the shoot.

The prying eyes are right to pry. The cast assembled for this is surely one of the classiest in recent memory. The Master, Philip Seymour Hoffman, fresh from conquering Venice and Toronto with his astonishing performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic, arrived at the peak of his career. By all accounts his seething Bachmann defines sturm und drang, giving way to moments of lightness as he humours Irna with wry flirtatious asides. Rachel McAdams has found in Annabel all of her romantic courage and her chemistry with Grigory Dobrygin’s Issa lights up the screen.

In all a terrific film awaits us. I leave you with an on-set photograph that we do have clearance for (with thanks to The Ink Factory’s facebook page ). One of the star attractions of the endlessly entertaining city of Hamburg is its world-beating Miniatur Wunderland . The deserving crew and cast held their peak party there and a miniature of the set was installed in their honour. Can you tell who is who? If the scrupulous attention to detail of Germany’s mini-model-making elite is anything to go by, they will be proper likenesses.