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Director Profile - Anton Corbijn

Find out a little bit about the director of ‘A Most Wanted Man’

With a career that has spanned across more than three decades, in photography, music videos and more recently films, it’s a wonder that Dutch artist Anton Corbijn isn’t yet a household name outside of the Netherlands.

Take a look at some of his photos, though, and you will realise both from the various subjects of his work, including Bono, Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain, and from the nature of the photos themselves, that Anton Corbijn is an artist that over the last thirty years has not only been producing stunning work, but also quietly influencing his particular genre of photography.

When it comes to film in particular, something that the various reviews of both ‘The American’ and ‘Control’ agree on is that his work is visually breathtaking. When it comes to ‘A Most Wanted Man’, Corbijn’s mastery of photography combined with Le Carre’s careful pacing and depth of character will surely be a potent mix.

See some of his work here.