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'I would suggest immortality for John le Carré'

Yet another great review of ‘Our Kind of Traitor’, this time from The Chicago Tribune. The book was published 12th October.

Alan Cheuse writes:

‘There are writers whose work will, as time has shown and will show, become immortal: Shakespeare, Keats, Melville, Twain and Hemingway are all good examples. And then there are those writers – I am opening up a new category here – who themselves should be immortal, so that they can go on producing good intelligent entertainment for the age in which they live.

‘From our current cadre of fabulous novelists working in English, I would suggest immortality for John le Carre, who I believe one of the most intelligent and entertaining writers working today.


‘The rich, thick mix of this blended approach to telling a modern spy story gives Le Carre’s new book a place among his best. Chicanery and larceny never sleep. May he write forever! But if the man doesn’t last, future generations will want someone like him, that’s for sure.’

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