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  • At the Movies

    The London Review of Books reviews A Most Wanted Man

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  • Le Carré adaptations: six of the best

    As Anton Corbijn’s ‘A Most Wanted Man’ comes to cinemas, The Telegraph rounds up the half-dozen best ever John Le Carré adaptations on the big and small screen

  • Matthieu Matthieu Autant PSH dans son ultime rôle, autant John Le Carré, autant A most wanted man m'a pas vraiment convaincu

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  • Allan WardAllan Ward A committee is an animal with 4 back legs. John Le Carre

  • Free Book

    Telegraph readers can claim a free copy of A Most Wanted Man, with the newspaper this Sunday, September 7.

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  • queeniequeenie The secret world is of itself attractive. Simply by turning on its axis, it can draw the weakly anchored to its center-John le Carre

  • Meira EliotMeira Eliot "What is important is seldom urgent," wrote John le Carre. But it`s important to support Zest!

  • Night Goat HunterNight Goat Hunter Oh wow. Have you seen the Penguin paperback covers for Le Carre's books? Super gorgeous.

  • When the cameras stop rolling

    Philip Seymour Hoffman’s penultimate film, A Most Wanted Man, features him as a dishevelled secret agent in the twilight of his career. John le Carré reflects on where fact took over from fiction in The Sunday Times.